Our Crew

Jean Ann Fawcett – Jean and “Big Mike” Fawcett founded Redbud Marina in 1976. Big Mike oversees operations from Heaven now, and Jean is still part of our daily operations. From the office to the RV Park garden to the docks, Jean can be found just about anywhere on the property. We are blessed to have her as a resource of wisdom.

Michael Fawcett – The son of Big Mike and Jean Ann, Michael is our general manager. Michael’s employment focuses mostly on boat transport and being an ASA sailing instructor. He often plays live music in the evenings on the weekends at our Oar House restaurant on the water.

Kyley Vick – The granddaughter of Big Mike and Jean Ann and the daughter of Michael Fawcett, Kyley is our office manager. From billing to ASA, she takes care of all interim office work. Kyley grew up at Redbud Marina and takes pride in the family business and it reflects in her way of doing business.

Desmond Vick – The grandson-in-law of Big Mike and Jean Ann and the son-in-law of Michael Fawcett, Desmond came into the family when he and our office manager Kyley began their life together. Desmond is following in the footsteps of his father-in-law and if he hasn’t learned how to do something yet, he’ll know soon. His dedication to the marina reflects in his attitude of responsibility and willingness to learn.

Ashley Buff – Ashley is our part time “support” staff since she is now a full-time college (nursing) student. She’ll be with us until she graduates in the Spring of 2020. CONGRATS ASHLEY!

Billy & Suzy Apple – Billy and Suzy, along with their daughter Ava, are the park hosts for our campground. If you need to check in after hours, they are here to help you and assist with any of your camping needs. They are located directly across from the office.